December 22, 2008

Found Objects

Remember when I couldn't find the beads and findings less than a day after purchasing? After looking for hours I decided to just go to bed and was in the closet to hang up the clothes when what did I see but a shoebox sitting apart from the collection of shoeboxes on the shelf above the clothing rod. Wow, that was a long sentence. I picked up the box - the lid had written upon it "closures". Sure enough everything was there and I was able to finish off my 2 heart necklaces.

Thank heaven I didn't have to venture out to Arton today. It's unbearably cold - the wind a killer. I had to walk about a half hour for an appointment and I cursed the whole way. I'm still on the line trying to decide to walk the one block to Metro, alias Dominion. Doesn't sound far but this is condo alley where the winds form their own cyclonic activity.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Sharon these are so nice! I love the cord on the blue one. This makes me think we need another day in the New Year to pound and twist metal. Looking forward to more laughter. Stay warm and cozy with the kitties.

nancy said...

well done Sharon, I love them both.Nancy