December 17, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It was a lovely day today after a clean, white snowfall overnight. Of course, crossing the streets at major intersections was like deep sea diving. It always melts and goes no where. For years I've been afraid of falling. I don't really know why... how bad could it be? I figure that it's the ultimate test of osteoporosis. A fall without a fracture means the bones are in good shape. I finally found those spikes that can be attached to the underside of the boots. I think it may be icy tomorrow since it will be below freezing overnight and that which has melted will freeze. I'll let you know how they work.

My parents seemed to have developed a silverfish problem around the same time I did. Only their 'fish' are bold and obnoxious. They start zooming around in the kitchen and we're all barefoot and can't kill them. Yesterday I ran for my boots and started squishing. The apartment is being fumigated tomorrow and they are still moving stuff from the cupboards to other parts of the apartment. My parents are hoarders and this became evident as they removed stuff from the kitchen. For instance, about 50 plastic containers from margarine, coleslaw, etc. Plus a jar of used batteries. A lot of the batteries have the date that they conked out to be used in the future when one is hard up for energy. What, are they crazy? About a 100 straws from Swiss Chalet which accompanies the water they serve. Aluminum pie plates. And my mother tries to pawn this stuff off on me. She can't throw out a thing but it's OK if I do it.

I am working on some bezels - some that I did in Jane Wynn's class. This means there is resin to be poured. This is my next challenge. I wonder what could go wrong....


Leslie Jane Moran said...

You need to get over to Milestone's with those attractive spike clamps on your boots and order a couple of Bellini's before you start pouring resin. This way you can imbed the plastic animals in your bezels! I have a mental picture of you arriving in Milestone's kitted out with your mountaineering equipment strapped to your galoshes! I wonder how many Bellini's are legal at any one given time???:) You kill me!

irenka said...

Please recycle your margarine containers. I've just today emptied my mothers house. We pretty much had to get a separate dumpster for recycling the sour cream containers, and roasted chicken containers. It took me days to get this out. Do it now while you battle those silver fish. I hear that's good luck. (Having silverfish that is, not margarine containers.)