December 21, 2008

Lost, Not Found

Firstly, I'd like to reassure everyone that the hundred odd margarine and other plastic tubs hoarded by my parents have gone directly into the recycling bin. The straws are back in the drawer.
I should at least acknowledge Friday's weather since I was outside struggling from one appointment to the next. The subway was running about 45 minutes behind going and coming. Going home had the added feature of kicking everybody off the train at Eglinton and then not being able to get on the subsequent trains since they were all packed up. I had the biscuit at this point and started muttering curses loudly under my breath. The woman in front of me was singing hymns. It seemed to work since she appeared calm and I felt guilty enough to shut up. The walk home was impossible. There was no distinguishing the road from the sidewalk. It was all drifting. And battling that insane wind. I vow not to leave the apartment until April. Maybe.

Last week I went to Arton beads specifically to get necklace closures. Of course I added beads to that order and a variety of closures as well. I can't find them. I've turned the place inside out to no avail. I checked all the obvious locations as well as the not so obvious. I'm going nuts. I can only surmise that I threw out the bag. This is always a possibility since one month I actually threw out my metro pass which is of much greater monetary value. So that means going out tomorrow to repurchase everything. I'm hoping there isn't a blizzard otherwise I will be stuck in that store buying what I don't need.


A bird in the hand said...

I didn't leave my apartment for two days. Luckily I didn't have to. It's not much better today, but I have to go out. I HAVE to.
Meanwhile, I'll send the St. Bernard to you with a flask of something strong...yestserday's experience must have left you exhausted.

Bernie Berlin said...

Keep safe & warm..
April will be here before you know it:)
Have a Blessed Holiday!!!

Carmi said...

Hey, check all the bags from our dinner out! Maybe they are in the recycling bad I gave you???