February 6, 2009

And Sharon tries to cook

So last night I attempted to boil up squash. I've done it a million times - bring water to a boil and then lower the temperature for cooking. I forgot all about the squash until I smelled the unmistaken aroma of burnt stainless steel. I got involved with the computer and, sure enough, the water boiled off and what was left were big blobs of charred something or other. I've been scrubbing for a day to no avail. I think I shall have to toss this pot but it happens to be my favourite. I had to throw out the steamer basket because it was too far gone to save. Because there was so much smoke, I had all the fans on and the balcony door open. Meanwhile, I was terrified that the smoke alarm would go off and the fire trucks would arrive with hatchets, scuba tanks and hard hats. So I stood under the alarm and waved a piece of cardboard back and forth for a good half hour.
Disaster number 2 - a failed attempt at pouring resin. At Carmi's suggestion, I coated all the images with ModPodge (sp)and then proceded to pour the resin. The images all turned dark and muddy. So, in attempt to salvage my little frames, I am started to removed the images. With a steak knife. Very dangerous and very difficult to release the resin from the frame. I'm thinking: I'm about to filet my finger. I've done that before but at least it was trying to open a champagne bottle. Can't get stitches for filet-ing. I think you would need a slicing action.
The final aggravation came when trying to put together a copper necklace. I couldn't figure out the wiring. And I tried about 7 or 8 times. Waaaaah. I packed it up and I'm moving on to something else. A fabric box. I hope this will go smoothly but I'm not about to bet on it.

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