February 3, 2009

In search of the perfect drill

Those in the knowing are aware of my issues with drilling. When it was 'fashionable' a few years ago to have drilling equipment, I bought a dremel. My first experience with this device was to start a fire while using it on a wooden house from the dollar store. Then I tried to drill a hole in metal and I let go of the metal plate out of sheer terror at the first start of the 3500 rpm (slow) speed. Or was it 35,000... This is stupid of course because I'm so much bigger than the drill (this is the fear of insects analogy courtesy of my father). Then recently I found what looked like a suitable device on ebay - a Toronto Police auction. This thing weighed so much that I could barely lift it. But it was at least slower of revoluti0ns. This was referred to as a screwdriver. I imagine that if it's a screwdriver it should also be a drill but there were no drill bits, just screwdriver heads. A couple of days ago I received a newsletter from Lee Valley offering a lightweight screw driver with about 15 screw driver heads but also 2 drilling heads. It's as light as a feather and operates at 250 rpm. I tried drilling a metal plate and it worked. The only negative is that it takes forever to plow through and uses up a full charge and must be recharged. (It's a cordless). It even comes with a holster so you can dress up as a cowboy and play the 'The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly'. Quick, get me a cigarillo.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

I think I smell smoke! Who did you shoot??? You are so hilarious.

I'm just relieved that you finally got your blog back to normal and I love the picture of Little You! You haven't really changed that much...do you still have that hat?

Have fun drilling...I imagine the cats are in hiding these days. Watch out kitties!

nancy said...

finally! a drill for use girls!
love the video, when i was a young girl, everyone had posters of donny osmond, david cassidy or bobby sherman, i had one of clint, from that movie!

irenka said...

I love Clint too. There have been an awful lot of Clint movies lately.