February 28, 2009

Saturday Night

Well, here I sit wondering what people are doing on a Saturday night. There was a time when I was studying nursing and all the girls in the dorm kept playing the Saturday Night Fever album. An album, can you remember those? Never had the 3 Gibb brothers put so many women to shame with their glorious, flowing hair. All of them sopranos. Who could sing that high?

As for my Saturday night - I'm doing laundry. It's now or never.

I'm trying to decide what sort of art project I should be working on. I said at the last Holly Jolly Christmas sale that I'd never make another fabric box. I was beyond saturated. And guess what I started to do. The dreaded fabric box. I'm not really into it because my collage choices are ugly and I'm not sure whether I should toss it or just keep going. I'm at the attaching the lining phase. All aspects of this work is very labour intensive. I shall probably keep going or just stuff it all into a plastic bag and start on something else. Nothing like leaving things unfinished to ensure that they will never be finished.

I see that Carmi has achieved a complete success in the weight loss pledge. I've had a dreadful week of eating rice crispie squares, real fruit gummies with real sugar, mocha almond fudge ice cream and I'm sure there are several other choice snacks that I've forgotten about. I deserve to gain weight with this behaviour. Funny thing is I had no idea that I was doing this until I looked down and saw the bags. Amnesia? Denial? Morphing into a piglet? Oh well, Monday is weigh in. Funny thing is, I have my cats on a diet and they're not doing too well either. The whining gets to me and so I give in and add the crunchy stuff to their bowls (this is pure carbs. Cats are better off eating wet food (grain free) to loose weight). So all three of us are sporting jaunty little bellies.


martha brown said...

Well, tonight I'm doing report cards -- but usually maybe we watch a movie and I'm in bed by 10 or 11. I like to get up at 6 on sundays and do art!
I'm still deaf, by the way, and I think that I've burnt my ears with my hair dryer, trying to evaporate the water!

Susan Williamson said...

I spent Saturday night watching TV and trying to finish a journal I started three years ago. Why is there usually nothing on that night? Do the powers that be think we're all out on dates? Somehow I think they're missing a golden opportunity to advertise because everyone I know was home.