March 14, 2009

Just a quickie

I just wanted to post this for Leslie. I did find the high school Honour Society prize. It was where it always was. Ha! Nothing like missing the obvious. The medallion is very heavy, made by Birks, and on the back is carved my name. If the picture is small, click on the image to enlarge.


irenka said...

Well you see you know just where everything is. I bet that was a surprise.

Leslie Jane Moran said...

I must inform your readers that being in the honour society at Nepean High School, "in the day" was a VERY prestigious award indeed. Nepean was a first rate school and had a magnificent academic record. It was really really hard to achieve good marks, it was a tough but stellar education. You should be very proud of this medal and cherish it much as we, your readers, do you. Thanks so much for sharing that. I'm so PROUD of you!!!