March 17, 2009

Reading to the subtle beat of the fire alarm

Yes, it's the annual fire alarm test where the technicians enter the apartments to examine the speakers,the wiring, and the volume of the ringing. Every time the ringing begins again, I jump from my seat. No warning and really loud.I'm sure I'm going to develop high blood pressure before the testing is finished. I don't know if they actually came here yesterday. There's nothing to indicate it but they have 25 floors to do before packing up tomorrow afternoon. So that would tell me that they have to hustle. I'm on the 20th floor.

I just got this book from Chapters/Indigo which was released at the beginning of the month:
Mixed Media Collage Jewelry, New Directions in Memory Jewelry. The author is Janette Schuster. She devotes a chapter to each topic including tools and materials as well as techniques, At the end of each chapter/section she includes a gallery of the works of 12 artists including herself. She showcases a variety of works: necklace, bracelets, earrings and pins and gives detailed instructions for making the objects. The pictures are great too.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

This looks great. Do I feel another workshop coming on?

irenka said...

Are you doing some of these creations? They look very interesting.

martha brown said...

I think that I need this book! That baby picture of you on the sidebar is so adorable!