March 11, 2009

Leslie the Archivist

When I finished the questionnaire posted first by Marissa, I never would have thought that I could give so much pleasure to someone who has an amazing memory of things past. Unfortunately I couldn't share her thrill since I have no recall of any events of high school. Actually I'm like that for most things which may be why I'm constantly losing art supplies in the apartment. If only I would clean up. I may do that one day. Leslie emailed me within minutes of my completing the post. She attended the same high school in Ottawa and was a year ahead. Also, she informed me that I was a member of the Honour Society whatever that was. I was sitting on the lower left with my Mary Tyler Moore flipped out hair. (In those days I used to straighten my hair to banish the frizzies.) I can't believe that she still has year books. Once I saw the other students in my class (11G) I remembered them all. And once I saw Leslie, I knew exactly who she was but can't remember meeting her. What fun that was even if I'm an amnesiac.

Continuing about the cats taking their medication dose - I've been outwitted. They have detected the drug in the wet food. Now they're holding out for only the hard stuff. I guess it's time to admit defeat.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Were those pictures of the concert that you spoke of?? Are you in that line-up of dancing beauties?

It was so much fun going through the year books. As a matter of fact, they had the captions of student names mixed up, so I had to rearrange the Honour roll picture.

I can't believe it took this long to make a connection, but I'm so delighted it happened!

Bob Woodham said...

This comment is years, not minutes later.

I remember Sharon from both elementary school (D. Roy Kennedy) and high school (Nepean). Coincidentally, I was friends with David Poulin in elementary school.

I, of course, also remember Leslie from our year together on Student Council.

Lots of memories.

Bob Woodham

P.S. A also still have my high school year books.