March 28, 2009

Quiet day

Here we see little Amber resting up between meals. She has a voracious appetite and is eating like never before. She must be trying to regain her original weight thereby sending the 10 lb pledge into a tizzy. The vet called this afternoon to tell me the tests for feline leukemia and immunodeficiency viruses were negative. No surprise here and cost a fortune. So now we're thinking toxoplasmosis since many of her symptoms are classic. The only thing is that she's an indoor cat and would not be exposed to the parasite. Geez, maybe I gave it to her. Since Amber loves the anorexic food, I'm going to run over to the vet tomorrow to pick up some cans. The vet is both shocked and pleased by Amber's quick recovery.

This morning I was savouring my coffee while listening to CBC Radio 2. Or rather, the radio was on in the background. I have been reluctant to accept the change in programming from strictly classical to...something else. Much of it I can't stand but I suppose it's time to get with the program and open my musical mind to the new and interesting. As I am thinking this, a beautiful song is being played - Sometymes Why is a group made up of 3 women whose beautiful heartfelt harmonies grace each song. There seems to be some difficulty in categorizing their music - contemperary folk, folk noir, and who knows what else.

The song played this morning :Your Heart is a Glorious Machine is from the album of the same name

On the myspace page there is a short list of songs from this new album to the right side which can be played .

Of course I've tried 300 times to create a link to the myspace page. Nothing is working so this is the manual version:

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

This is great! Thank you so much for this link. I had never heard of this group and really like it.

So glad to hear that Amber is feeling a bit perkier. Hope the new food and arrival of spring works to bring her back to her old svelte self.