June 9, 2009

The art of organization

I can only imagine the pristine results of Carmi's efforts to reorganize her stash of supplies. She has a large storage space so I'm guessing that she has a place for everything. On the other hand, my accumulation of stuff exceeds my living space and threatens to oust me from my domicile. I have not been able to do anything creative lately and find that I am compelled to shop (always online) for artsy things. I don't know if this is a kind of looking for inspiration or if it's actually a replacement activity. Whatever the reason, I don't know what to do with all of my supplies.
I have a gigabyte-worth of seed beads. It boggles the mind just how many colours and sizes there are. I have made an attempt at organizing them by colour groupings using dollar store containers. This is my coffee table....I don't really need a table for coffee. And there's no where to hide the containers. Absolutely no space.

And this is my little work table with the all- important TV remotes and hand cream. Sometimes these items overshadow the work at hand. Ha! I see Tayoh's tail and legs in the upper left corner.
I've signed up for a bead class online that starts tomorrow. Must download the first lesson. I think there are samples to be done to illustrates different techniques and I'll post them. The final project is a biggish deal (for me) which will incorporate all the techniques learned. It's a 6 week course through http://www.joggles.com/


irenka said...

You're leaps and bounds ahead of me orginized I mean, and I see a new bag/box? on the work table as well. Where on earth did you find a bead class on line. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

Karen said...

Hahahahah, I suffer from the same affliction! Don't feel bad, it is normal...:)

Carmi said...

Wait a minute...those boxes look pretty organized! We'll see how I do at the end of this week!

Susan Williamson said...

I would love to be a picture on your wall so that I could look down anytime and see all your finery. Even your mess is creative girlfriend!