June 13, 2009

Baby did a bad, bad, thang

This organizational exercise has taken on a life of it's own. I was up until 3:00 a.m. cleaning up my supply cupboards and only managed to get 2 shelves done. My main motivation is to find the plastic bag filled with suede, ultra suede and Lacy's Stiff Stuff for my beading projects. In 2 years it has not moved from it's place on the coffee table. So where is it now...? I need to find it now and then introduce some new storage space to this dump!!!!!!!

I get a newsletter regularly from Green Tea Design furniture on Carlaw (reproductions of Japanese, Korean and Chinese styles as well as some antiques). Tons of storage! And I've lusted after these pieces for many years. So I went to the showroom yesterday since there was a sale on the step chests and I felt I could justify making myself happy by purchasing non-edible objects. I bought 4 pieces all of which have some nice little storage areas. And I don't feel at all guilty although I know I should. I was stupid for not taking pictures ( even of Ruby, my feline escort throughout the showroom. She looks so much like Tayoh but is actually a main coone. Love the fur tufts in between the toes). I should get my stuff in about 2 weeks.
The model above is the CD step chest - meaning the drawer sizes will hold CDs but there are no dividers inside the drawers. The picture is deceptive as it is the size of an end table - I think 30" high. And since I collect Chinese and Japanese teapots which are tucked away in cupboards, I shall now be able to display them on the steps. YaY. I wonder if the cats will use this furniture as a ladder and knock off all those lovely doodads....


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Ya did good BABY! You do realize you still won't fit all your stuff in.