June 23, 2009

Oh what a beautiful day

Just like that song from "Oklahoma"...oh what a beautiful morning....that's the thing about wearing an ipod. You can walk down the street starring in your own movie, complete with soundtrack. I love being in my own little world singing to myself. More like lip-syncing since I haven't much of a voice left these days.
Yesterday I decided to pick up some fresh flowers to try and make a Japanese arrangement. It didn't work. The container was close to 2 feet long and the flowers were sticking out every which-way enticing the cats. So I just transferred the flowers to a couple of vases. Now I have a role reversal in the house. It used to be Amber who was obsessed by the beckoning flora. Now it's Tayoh who is lured by the flowers and yet she is feigning indifference whenever I come into the room. I think a barf-fest may be looming on the horizon.

I'm still mulling over my beaded muse and in the interim I've put together a necklace made of lucite beads in shades of purple as well as Swarovski crystals and silver toggle clasp. I do love purple.
Also picked up a new cell phone. I was lusting after the latest smart phone (the 3G 1phone) and figured that I'm not smart enough to operate such a thing. Plus I don't do business so it would just be an expensive toy. I did get a less smart phone by LG with a slide out keyboard and I am already doomed. The box contains no instructions on how to set the various functions, how to even find the functions. There is only info on how to insert the SIM card. Well, anyone could figure that one out. But how to shut off the beeping every time you press on a key..... At least I figured out how to set up the voicemail. Now, if someone would please call me...or text me.... 416-616-4382. Is this foolish to give out my number? I shall soon find out. Not too many people read this blog anyway.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

What I always do is find a kid. I'm serious! Kids can do all this stuff. You can even collar someone on the street. I had to find out if my phone was "Bluetooth" compatible for my new car. I drove to Rogers video store (where they also sell phones), and said..."Does this have Bluetooth on it?" Indeed it did! I thought I'd have to get a whole new phone. Well, secretly I was also lusting after the iPhone! Touch screen, how neat is that.
Oh for heaven's sake it's only 8:30 p.m. I'm calling you! My word verification is Nordbat...I think it's a sign !? :) That's just a little left of DINGBAT isn't it!!???