June 13, 2009


I started the day by going for a pedicure and manicure. It was the first pedicure of the season and there was a ton of work to be done on those big toes (post ingrown nail excision). So now the toenail is growing back with spurs that results in a nasty, jagged edge. I tried painting them myself which results in a bleeding look instead of a clean edge. Who am I kidding. I can't even reach my toes. So after much sanding around with a dremel, I have a nice set of painted toenails.

Afterwards I decided to check out Woofstock to satisfy my lust for all things canine. So many bulldogs. And a ton of yappy Yorkies. Many chihuahuas who also were warning off the masses with some fierce barking. Not a lot of goldens which surprised me given the popularity of the breed. This pic is of our girl, Goldoone, in the backyard of our Ottawa home. I couldn't wait to get out my camera and start photographing some of the dogs wearing tinted sun goggles. My camera battery needed recharging so I couldn't even turn on the thing. Waaaah! Can't I remember anything these days? And I never saw so many dog strollers in my life! I really should get one for taking the cats to the vet. So many things to buy these days....

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irenka said...

I had never heard of this event before Thursday. I'd love a dog, but I'm afraid my cat would protest. And at the moment he's the king of everything. I always thought I would inherit my sister's collie, but she's stuck it out with this pet, usually they got tired of it and I'd get, like the cat, the rabbit. Too bad I liked that dog. So glad you're blogging again. I did a great book binding class today watch for my post tomorrow.