January 16, 2009

Even a power failure can't hold a candle to an evening with friends

Last night had 4 of us girlfriends dining out and yakking non-stop. We figured out the bill, placed the money on the little tray and then the restaurant fell into complete darkness. We tried to see if the rest of the street was affected but it was too difficult from indoors. Sure enough, when we left, the entire street was thrown into darkness. I entered the TTC at Runnymede station and it was obvious that the auxiliary power had kicked in. So dark and gloomy. The ticket master told me that the trains were still running. By the time I reached the Yonge subway line, I could barely squeeze onto the platform for the hundreds of people milling about. Three trains arrived, dumped the passengers off and announced: 'This train is out of service. Do not board the train'. No explanation why. Then finally an announcement was made - no power between Bloor to Eglinton. By now I wanted to cry and then longed for a cab but didn't have enough money. Besides, I had already paid $100 for a Metropass. Next step was shuttle buses to Eglinton and then the subway to Finch. I was never happier to arrive home to an overheated apartment.

I was so surprised and touched by the lovely unexpected gifts. Look at this wooden bucket filled with ribbons. And a lovely pendant necklace. It made up for the evil late night travels.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Oh! That was YOU! Happiest of birthdays. You won't soon forget this one!

Glad to see that your blog is also restored. ..the top half anyway.

Another year older and wiser no doubt! Best wishes.