January 18, 2009

Winter Renews Herself

What a surprise to awaken to what is not the dusting of snow that the meteorologist predicted. We actually had a little dump - looks beautiful but near impossible to find a sidewalk among the drifts. I love to see the vast expanse of snow - unsullied by footprints. Now going out in the cold is another matter. In my old age I just can't seem to spend any time outside. It's been so cold lately that it actually hurts.
This year I didn't make it to putting away the balcony furnishings. Winter seemed to have arrived too soon. So old, dead leaves still adorn the pots and seem to be content with being tucked in by a blanket of snow.

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Susan Williamson said...

I was going to leave a comment about all the snow and the power failure, but I got sidetracked by watching the parrot video again and again. Amazing!
P.S. I hope you are well.