January 24, 2009

The List

Before I start answering the list that Irene and Marissa have done, I must confess to another screw up. This time with my hair. I've been using the same plastic brush for about 15 years. Somehow my hair became clamped in the round configuration and I just couldn't get it free. I was tugging so hard that my scalp started to bleed. So, reluctantly, I had to cut it out. I can ill afford to contribute to my already thinning hair in that particular location. It doesn't look like much here but there is a whole hunk of hair on the underside.
So now for the list. And it's a long one.
Gone on a blind date?: No
Skipped school? : No
Watched someone die? : Yes
Been to Canada: born at Women's College Hospital in Toronto
Been to Mexico: Twice vacation
Been to Florida: Yes
Been on a plane: Yes
Been lost: Probably but I can't remember the circumstances
Been on the opposite side of the country: Vancouver
Been to Washington DC: No
Swam/waded in the ocean: Yes
Cried yourself to sleep: Many times
Played cops and robbers: This is a boys game. I played school where I was the teacher
Recently coloured with crayons: Yes
Sang Karaoke: Never and the world is happy for that
Paid for a meal with coins only: Many times
Done something you told yourself you wouldn't do: Cheated on my diet
Made prank phone call: In high school called a funeral home (Hulse and Playfair) and chanted - what? no pulse, call Hulce and we'll Playfair. We'll stab him, you slab him
Laughed until some kind of beverage came out your nose: Yes
Caught a snowflake on your tongue: Yes
Danced in the rain: No
Written a letter to Santa: No
Been kissed under the mistletoe: No
Watched the sun rise with someone you care about: No
Gone ice skating : As a kid
Been skinny dipping: No
Gone to the movies: Yes, but when
Been in love: Yes
Mother's name: Marjorie
Favorite drink: Bellini with or without the plastic animals
Any tattoos: Yes, 5 very small ones for medical purposes
Body piercings: Pierced ears
How much do you love your job: I hate the actual work and politics but love the 'clients'
Favorite vacation: Up the California coast, San Fransisco and Carmel
Ever been to Africa: No
Ever eaten cookies for dinner: I'm not a big cookie person but I'm sure I added some to the 2litres of ice cream that I can consume in a single sitting
Been on TV?: Yes - the Howdy Doody show when I was a pipsqueak. Sat in the Peanut Gallery
Ever steal any traffic signs?: What for?
Ever been in a car accident?: No
Drive a 2 door or 4 door: Don't drive
Favourite salad dressing: Ranch, Catalina
Favourite pie: lemon meringue
Favourite number: 4
Favourite movie: Tootsie, Ghostbusters, Chicago and any horror movie - good or lousy
Favorite holy day: Festivus (for the rest of us)
Favorite dessert: ice cream - mocha almond fudge
Favorite food: lamb
Favorite brand of shampoo: Aveda
Favorite toothpaste: Sensodyne
What do you do to relax: Some sort of artwork in front of the TV
Ever been to Ottawa: lived there for many years
How many siblings do you have?: None
What is your favorite flower: gerbera daisies, orchids
Furthest place you will send this message: not sure
Who will respond the fastest: winding down from all these questions and I have no answer to this
I dare you all to take your own survey.


nancy said...

sharon, sharon, sharon!! you should have called me about the hair problem! i've see it many times, people show up at my salon,
usually kids but a few adults, looking for me to untangle them! and it's really quite simple, just add a ton of conditoner and slowly wiggle it out. and remember-alway in one direction, never go backwards and forwards, thats how you get tangled or next time call me!
love the list, you have a very dry sence of humor, i like you even more, nancy

irenka said...

Oh Sharon, just when I think I'm having a life's adventure I read your blog, and think what an exciting life you really have.

Susan Williamson said...

I've had the same experience with my hair too. But when I looked at your photo, it occurred to me that your brush (complete with hair) would make an interesting doll's head. When life gives you lemons ...you know that sort of thing.

Leslie Jane Moran said...