January 9, 2009

invisible blog

This post is actually a test of the ability to actually create a visible post. Earlier today I attempted to add some text to the chubby girl label. If you look at the sidebar you will see nothing except pictures. Funny how the text has disappeared while the images remain. I've tried for half a day to restore the information - I get notification that my info is saved. I've tried the 'ignore the edits and reset' (or something like that) and nothing works. I'm getting very frustrated. And nasty. Anyone have any ideas?

The next issue is the resin. The little bezels are so cute, and glossy. I wonder if this is because the resin is still wet. I will resist the urge to stick my big, clumsy fingers onto them to assess whether they are set. If they are not set by tomorrow, the experiment will have failed. That's all I need.


Leslie Jane Moran said...

Sharon, the Professor has taken a look at the problem and thinks that the only way out of this is to go back into the customize/layout/page elements section and REMOVE the chubby girl gadget entirely. Edit REMOVE will get rid of the entire picture and hopefully restore the sidebar which is being affected by what you did in editing that one gadget. Then, if this works, add the gadget for the chubby girl back.
Hope this works. LJM and LAM

Carmi said...

That is the oddest thing...I agree with Leslie...remove the new gadget and re publish to see if it all returns.
As for the resin....if you can move it to a window it dries better in the sun/day light.