January 2, 2009

Happy New Year Everybody !

I keep thinking that the New Year is next week. And every day this week has felt like a Sunday. Oh well, nothing special on the menu. I got a 'commission' for one of the heart necklaces. The colour requirements must be compatible with a pair of earrings so I had to stop off at Arton to seek out the appropriate colours. My prime purpose for going downtown was to visit Mokuba ribbon to look for a specific type. They have well over a thousand ribbons and, if the flesh is weak, the bill is huge. So I ended up with some discontinued ribbon - the entire leftover roll- as well as the stuff I originally went for. Mokuba is a Japanese company that designs and manufactures ribbon and other embellishments. In Toronto the store is located at 575 Queen St. West;
phone 416-504-5358
I highly recommend a stroll through the aisles.
It's actually a nice day today with very little wind and temperatures above zero. I need to go out to the pharmacy but now that I'm in, I suddenly feel weary and I'm thinking of taking a cat nap. Here that means trying to shift the cats over to allow me to squeeze into the smallest of spaces.
And I've just finished a pound of cherries from Chile. They can't touch the quality of the American Bing cherry but they are a thousand times better than the junk from Ontario. Anyway, I have a good old fashioned stomach ache.

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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Thanks for the tip on the ribbon shop. I will be sure to stop by next time I'm on Queen Street. Guess I'll have to pass on Dufflet's what with the pledge and all :)