January 21, 2009

Off to the Cat Doctor

Tomorrow morning the girls are off to see their feliatrition for various ailments. I've already started the process of desensitizing the carrier routine by bringing the carriers into the living room with doors open. Each girl crawled inside and had a snooze. Now, I predict that tomorrow morning they will have their radar operational and I won't be able to find them. I should start loading around 5:00 am to ensure that they're ready for 10:00. Amber hasn't been to the vet in a couple of years so she may not associate the quarantine procedure with a visit. Tayoh goes about every 2 months and is so psychic that as nonchalant as I my pretend to be, she seeks shelter under the bed whereupon I'm forced to jab at her with my Swiffer broom in order to chase her out. She's crying, I'm crying. But she reverts to her impish, seductive ways as soon as she's home again. I'm not sure how Amber will react.



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Leslie Jane Moran said...

Sweet girls. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow so I'll be commiserating with the kitties. They might need an extra treat or two. Keep warm kittens.